5th Anniversary Testimonials

“Our Delivery Leads, who took the course with Actineo, came back genuinely changed from it and their teams started to work as ‘a team' right away, and started to create common goals.”


Maria Connor

Agile Coach, Ireland.

“My teams are more productive since they have applied the material that I learned in this course. They became more productive and they just get more done.”


Heidi Helfand

Author & Director of Product & Technology Excellence, USA.

“We were really not ready to take more work from the client, but they wanted to bring us more work. This was the very reason that allowed me to bring in Agile. Two years later, we had doubled the contract. Not only did it renew, it doubled!”


Rebeca Mendoza

Tax Transformation, Innovation & Projects, Switzerland.

“I think what had been a real game changer for us was around the change of mindset in how people collaborate. Having more departments taking part in the developing process collaboratively.”


Mihaela Madzharova

Agile Product Delivery, UK.

“We're able to deliver product and value better and that's key. We're better at planning and being more deliberate about what we are doing. We have a better ability to do long term planning too.”


Hugh O'Donoghue

CTO, Ireland.

“We're getting more value and features to our customers quicker. We've seen massive growth. I think the way Actineo put the process in place for us to learn and adapt was really successful.”


Gordon McGuirk

Head of Delivery, Quality & Agility, Ireland.

What People Say About Training with Actineo

“Actineo is a very good training company. I live in Italy, but I always try to attend Actineo’s classes in London because of the quality of the training, the friendliness of the organisation and their expertise.

They transfer their knowledge from the trenches because sometimes the material is not enough. When I have a work-related question, they answer it which is very important for me. Not based on theory, not read in a book, but based on experience.

Compared to other classes I have attended in London, the level of participants in Actineo’s classes is very high. I always meet interesting people. I am not a native speaker and I have never had any communication problems in the class. The environment is inclusive from the first minute – you are part of the class and this is very important.”


Massimo Sarti

Agile Consultant and Organiser of Agile Talks Meetup Group, Rome

“These courses accelerate your learning and they’re really interactive and you’re able to take what you learn straight into the next working day. I’ve done courses that have really helped me to grow with really quite inspirational facilitators. There’s never been a course that I’ve done with Actineo that’s not given me something back and led to something more.”


Nel Mathams

Creative Coach, London

“My favourite thing about Actineo is that the personal touch. I like to feel valued as a customer. I’m always picky with who I train with and because of that personal touch, you know you will get quality training. You are trained by people who are still active in the workplace with stories and real-world experience. They’re good quality training courses.”


Glaudia Califano

Agile Coach, London

“Actineo’s course catalogue is quite varied and different from other training organisations. They do a lot of different things which I always enjoy because I like new things. I like the fact that they’re all extremely interactive.”


Vlad Mihailescu

Scrum Master and Visual Facilitator, London

“It’s all that real world experience of doing the thing which makes the real difference between me thinking, “OK – you’re someone standing in front of a slide deck, reading off the slides” to “This is somebody who has real world, in the trenches experience and knows what it feels like to try to do this thing and that thing and make this work.” It adds a whole different level of respect for the person stood at the front of the room and gives them a serious boost in credibility because I know that they’ve been there and done that and that’s why I come back to Actineo to get training rather than go somewhere else. It always feels like there’s more on offer than just the theory.”


Paul Brown

Agile Coach & Product Guy, London

What People Say About Actineo’s Kanban Courses

“The Instructors were really enthusiastic and willing to talk through all questions and real-life scenarios.”


Senior Delivery Lead, Dublin

“I loved the course. It was really impactful with lots of learning.”


Scrum Master, Dublin

“Time absolutely flew by and every day I learned a lot and had fun. My mind is bursting with ideas.”


Agile Coach, Dublin

“Thoroughly enjoyable and deeply enriching course. The trainer navigates the complexity with ease making difficulty concepts understandable and dedicating time to ensure students fully understand.”


Product Manager, London

“I loved the course. It was really impactful with lots of learning.”


Scrum Master, Dublin

“A great course that takes you on a journey through Kanban which leaves you with so many options to take back to work.”


Solutions Train Engineer, London

“A must attend for business and technology leaders.”


Augusto Evangelisti

Business Agility Coach and Co-Organiser of Agile and Lean Meetup, Dublin

What People Say About Actineo’s Training from the BACK of the Room! courses

“Anyone who’s actually in a training business should attend this course. JP is an exceptional teacher; effective and fun.”


Kanban Coach, Hamburg

“Great fun, solid principles, great trainer!”


Principal Consultant, London

“I love this course! I knew I could deliver knowledge in a better way & this has brought it all together in a structured way.”


Principal Consultant, London

“This course is a must do for anyone teaching or facilitating.”


Agile Coach, Copenhagen

“It’s two days well spent, provided a framework to what I am used to & introduced new tools to take away.”


Kubair Shirazee

Agile Coach, London

“Provides an essential toolkit for anyone genuinely interested in delivering effective learning.”


Principal Product Owner, London

“This highly interactive workshop delivered an outcome that sticks and will fundamentally change my way of delivering training. It was highly energising, very insightful and fun.”


Agile Coach, Hamburg

“This is fantastic for both new and seasoned trainers. Very professional and gives participants the option to test themselves in a safe environment. Thank you and well done!!!”


Trainer and Learning Consultant, Slovakia

“I leave this session eager to experiment with what I learned and become a better trainer.”


Agile Coach, Chiasso

“I would recommend this training to everyone who trains people or distributes knowledge. Great value for money.”


Scrum Master, Krakow

“Very interactive, lots of activities for everyone. JP is great at delivering this. He is patient, engaging and knowledgeable.”


Programme Manager, London

What People Say About Actineo’s Advanced Agile Metrics Workshop

“Agile Metrics was phenomenal because we had a play afterwards and we tried some exercises and all that stuff brought it to life much more. The course was just a massive “Wow!” moment for me. Doing it in the class and playing around with the tool and seeing how it worked – changing data and all that kind of stuff made me confident enough to go to my team when I went back on the Monday to the office and say “Right, from now on, how about we have a crack at this and see if this works and see if it is useful?”


Paul Brown

Agile Coach & Product Guy, London

“Very inspiring, thought-provoking and so incredibly insightful. I could keep listening to Dan Vacanti for days.”


Edith Coenen

Agile Coach, London

“Dan makes what could otherwise be a boring course on metrics very interesting and absorbing. His enthusiasm for the subject matter is infectious.”


QA Manager, Dublin

“I really enjoyed this course. I wish I could get everyone I work with on it. Dan is so engaging and makes a topic which could be stale so fun and exciting.”


Scrum Master, Cardiff

“Great chance to learn new concepts and ideas that challenged my way of thinking about planning and scheduling.”


Senior Project Manager, London

“Lightbulb moment theory, practical tools and world class delivery.”


DevOps Group, Cardiff

“One of the best courses I’ve attended recently. The content is very authentic, the exercises are great, and Dan is just awesome!”


Agile Coach, Minsk

“Attending this course has provided me with the knowledge and confidence I need to take the goals of predictability & forecasting to my teams. Highly recommended.”


Scrum Master, Cardiff

“Training with Dan has hit all the spots. I got exactly what I needed to become more data-driven in coaching my Scrum Team.”


Scrum Master, London

What People Say About Actineo’s Consulting Services

“When Actineo were there, the team would make a leap in knowledge and understanding. I could make that leap with them and the organisation was then more accepting of change. We got to a place where we had a more balanced system.

It’s good to have the help of a mentor to get you on the right track. It’s great to get confirmation that you are on the right track, but also that the person tunes into your context and helps you find where to go next.

A key moment for me was when new people joined. I didn’t have to help them understand what we were doing and why. Other members of the team would be able to do that without my help and that showed me it was working.

Actineo really helped with fine-tuned training and customised workshops. I’d recommend them, especially when you want to make a big step change”


Edith Coenen

Agile Coach, London

We’ve learned how to solve our own problems. Actineo had the answers, but rather than give us answers, they helped us find those answers.


Applications Architect, Ding.com, Dublin

Actineo opened our mind to do the change, helped us in many ways and made Ding a better place to work.


Gonzalo Iglesias

Engineering Manager, Ding.com, Dublin

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