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How Well Does Your System Flow?

When working with a flow-based Kanban system there are a few statements that I would suggest most teams should bear in mind. One of my Kanban class attendees labelled these as “Jose’s Rules for Flow” Whilst I wouldn’t go so far as to say these are hard and fast rules, they are some suggestions for …

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[#008] First Follower: Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy

How do we start a movement?

We put leaders and mavericks on a pedastal, but Derek Sivers shows us that being the leader is not enough. A leader is nothing without followers. Watch the Dancing Guy demonstrate this and see what you learn.

The Art of Queuing

During the Summer of 2017, I went to the famed land of theme parks and queuing that is Orlando. Of course, you can pay a little extra to avoid the wait — which also impacts the size of the queues. You find times where even this doesn’t help though or you’ve used up your allowance for the …

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[#007] The Happiness Advantage

What do you think is the relationship between Happiness and Success? Earlier this year I read Shawn Anchor’s “The Happiness Advantage”. Apart from being an entertaining read, it’s a real eye-opener on how back to front we have got the Success and Happiness relationship. There are cultural blocks we have in place that hamper our …

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Ticket Size Does Not Matter

In practically every training class and consultancy work we do in Actineo there are two ideas that someone will bring up at some point: Ticket size matters Tickets need to be of the same size To me, those are two myths. I tend to argue that “ticket size does NOT matter“, although what I really …

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Anti-Patterns of Training Part II

Following my previous Anti-Patterns of Training post, here are more mistakes trainers can make. When viewed through the lens of Sharon Bowman’s Training from the BACK of the Room! we see that these go against how brain science tells us we learn best.

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