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How well does your workflow flow?

with Julia Wester A workflow is a process in which work flows through until it is completed – at least that’s what the name suggests. Based on my experience working with and talking to teams, workflows don’t always facilitate flow.

Drunk Agile…Live!

with Daniel Vacanti & Prateek Singh At Lean Agile London 2022 Daniel and Prateek hosted a special Live Drunk Agile show where they discussed everything from agile, metrics, human behaviour while sipping whisky. What could have possibly gone wrong?

The Innovation Imperative

with Gabrielle Benefield Let’s take on the challenge of how to build outcome driven organisations to create innovative products, allow people the time and space to be creative, and how to apply pragmatic innovation at scale.

Why does culture matter? Recent examples from Ukraine

with Artem Bykovets and Andrii Glushchenko Organisational Culture and Values have been an important topic throughout the last several years. While at some organisations it is getting more and more recognition, at many organisations it is still met with scepticism and a lot of jokes about. It is considered “soft” and not “very practical”. Since …

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LAG20: Your feedback!

Thank you to everyone who took a moment to share their feedback and experiences of LAG20. This was our first ever live virtual online conference and it was important for us to create an engaging and interactive online experience. We believe in adopting a culture of continuous improvement & learning, with this in mind we …

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