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Visual Meeting Cards

Actineo has been using Visual Meeting Cards for several years to help the group facilitation and interaction of our in-person training classes and workshops.

The latest iteration of 8 Visual Meeting Cards has been redesigned to incorporate key communication messages in a virtual environment and we have partnered with our talented colleague, Sathpal Singh, to incorporate some hand-drawn goodness.

Raise Hand / I Have a Question - Visual Meeting Card

The current set of 8 Visual Meeting Cards include the following messages:

  1. Time to Wrap Up
  2. Time to Move On
  3. Right to Pass
  4. Nothing to Add
  5. Raise Hand / I Have a Question
  6. I Want to Hear More
  7. I Need a Toilet- / Bio-Break
  8. I Need Some Coffee!

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Other Useful Resources

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    These are the original and very popular Collaboration Supercards created by Lisette Sutherland for Online Collaboration. They are more technical in nature and, for virtual environments, complement the Visual Meeting Cards very nicely.
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