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[#012] The Smell of the Place

Professor Sumantra Ghoshal talks about culture at the World Economic Forum – what he refers to as “The Smell of the Place”. He talks about what management can do to create and sustain the culture they want rather than allowing undesirable norms to grow.

[#003] Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

This video explores the concept of Psychological Safety. This is at the core of the Google research on great teams and working spaces. It is particularly true for environments with high interdependence and uncertainty as the vast majority of software companies are. Building a psychologically safe workplace Amy Edmondson 11:26 AFTER WATCHING THE VIDEO This is …

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[#002] How Google Builds the Perfect Team

This short video from Charles Duhigg covers how Google aims to build great teams and what sort of things are needed for that to happen. How Google builds the perfect teamCharles Duhigg02:22 RELATED MATERIALS The surprising thing Google learned about its employees and what it means for today’s students (Washington Post) AFTER WATCHING THE VIDEO This …

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[#000] What is the Business Agility TV?

How do we spread new fundamental concepts and knowledge? How do we generate conversations, reflection and improvement opportunities? How do we trigger people’s natural curiosity to find out more? How do we inspire people into trying new things? One option is to share interesting and eye-opening videos capturing some of the most fundamental concepts behind …

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