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Business Agility with Flight Levels

Abstract Flight Levels enable us to achieve business agility. José Casal presents how using Enterprise Kanban and Klaus Leopold’s Flight Levels help us to foster business agility with appropriate organisational changes. During this interactive introductory session, participants have the opportunity to interact regularly with the contents of the session and explore the core components of …

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[#019] The Efficiency Paradox

Niklas Modig uses the example of a child needing medical help to illustrate the difference between flow efficiency and resource efficiency. It serves as an excellent emotional hook to highlight this key idea of why flow efficiency is so important for business agility. Read more

[#012] The Smell of the Place

Professor Sumantra Ghoshal talks about culture at the World Economic Forum – what he refers to as “The Smell of the Place”. He talks about what management can do to create and sustain the culture they want rather than allowing undesirable norms to grow.

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