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Flow Mapping: Better Business Agility with Flight Levels


Organisations know that achieving better Business Agility is key for their long-term survival. However, most Agile Transformations fail to deliver their expected outcomes. Many lose momentum and are cancelled before they can be completed.So, why do we fail so often?Business Agility requires a fundamental change of mindset; moving from Resource thinking to Flow thinking.This change is hard and scary. So, instead, many companies focus on team-level agility and hope that is enough. Unfortunately, this rarely works.In this talk, Jose will explore how you can achieve better business agility by focusing on the Flow of work with Flight Levels.

Presentation History

  • Bosch Fligh Levels Day – Online – Oct 2023
  • Moon Agile Growth Community – Online – Sep 2023
  • Central Bank or Ireland CoP – Online – Sep 2023
  • Agile Tampere – Tampere, Finland – 15 Sep 2022

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