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Drunk Agile…Live!

with Daniel Vacanti & Prateek Singh At Lean Agile London 2022 Daniel and Prateek hosted a special Live Drunk Agile show where they discussed everything from agile, metrics, human behaviour while sipping whisky. What could have possibly gone wrong?

All your Story Points are Belong to us

Abstract In this engaging talk, Jose Casal revisits the purpose of producing estimates, challenges some common myths about our popular estimation techniques, considers how to assess if your estimation process is really working for you, and finally, introduces how (and why) flow metrics can produce better forecasting and estimation. Say bye to Velocity. Presentation History …

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Seeking Nirvana – Predictability in a Complex World

Abstract As Simon Wardley says: “predictability is a measure of how accurately we can anticipate something” In life and in business, human beings struggle to deal with uncertainty. When we ask people why they engage in agile transformations, change programmes, digital initiatives, scaling projects, and things like that, they will often say that they want …

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Ticket Size Does Not Matter

In practically every training class and consultancy work we do in Actineo there are two ideas that someone will bring up at some point: Ticket size matters Tickets need to be of the same size To me, those are two myths. I tend to argue that “ticket size does NOT matter“, although what I really …

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