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Is Live Virtual Training Helping Learners?

8-hour training days may be the norm for in-person training, but should we consider this format for Live Virtual Training? Back in April 2020, I published a post called “When Everything is Suddenly Virtual”. In it I looked at what scientists and expert practitioners were saying and concluded that Shorter Trumps Longer (Bowman, 2011) when …

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[#023] Empathy

“Empathy is feeling with people”. In this beautifully designed short video from RSA, Brené Brown talks us through Empathy. What it is, how it feels, and how it benefits those that need it.

[#022] Building an MVP in a Week

Could you build an MVP in only one week? The Nordstrom Innovation Lab challenged themselves to do just that in plain sight of their customers.

[#019] The Efficiency Paradox

Niklas Modig uses the example of a child needing medical help to illustrate the difference between flow efficiency and resource efficiency. It serves as an excellent emotional hook to highlight this key idea of why flow efficiency is so important for business agility. Read more

6 Staging Tips for Facilitating Virtual Classes

“Platform skills” is the term most often used for face-to-face presentations: the presenter’s voice tone, body movement, facial expressions, movement, and energy. Let’s translate all of that to the virtual world with “staging.” What is Staging? “Staging” in the virtual world is defined as everything that is live-streamed by the virtual class presenter/trainer/host. Staging includes …

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