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Why Actineo?

We could tell you everything about ourselves – but we prefer to let our customers do the talking.

I really like the approach they took to teaching. You're not sitting there watching someone with a slide deck. It was all online but they were able to teach in a very engaging way that incorporated a lot of different activities.

Heidi Helfand

Director of Product & Technology Excellence.

Training with Actineo is not going to hand you answers to problems, it gives you the equiptment you need to think more critically about what's going on in your organization, and how to look to address it.

Maria Connor

Agile Coach.

We were really not ready to take more work from the client, but they wanted to bring us more work. This was the very reason that allowed me to bring in Agile. Two years later, we had doubled the contract. Not only did it renew, it doubled!

Rebeca Mendoza

Tax Transformation, Innovation & Projects.

I think the whole sense of community and like minded people is really, you know, that's real, a real strong value.

Mihaela Madzharova

Agile Product Delivery.

I think the whole sense of community and like minded people is really, you know, that's real, a real strong value.

Don Maclellan

Head of Engineering Capability (Coaching).

Actineo have real-world, in-the-trenches, experience and know what it feels like to try change things and make them work.

Paul Brown

Agile Coach & Product Guy.

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