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Applying Professional Kanban (APK)

Applying Professional Kanban (APK)

Kanban is fast becoming the modern way to manage an organization’s delivery of customer value. In today’s always-on environment, you need a clear set of practices that do not get in the way of your ability to continuously deliver but that provides enough structure to keep everyone aligned and focused.

This two-day course will give you an in-depth introduction to improving your team’s effectiveness by applying Kanban flow principles.

In this class, you will learn the basic principles of flow and how to use them to make your team process more efficient, predictable, and effective. With an emphasis on the practical application of concepts, this course includes many hands-on exercises that will lead you through the steps of setting up and operating a Kanban system for continuous value delivery and improvement.


  • Duration: In-person 2 days / Live Virtual 4 x 3hr sessions
  • Certification: APK certificate of attendance
  • Frequency: 6 public courses a year
  • Public Course Locations: London, Dublin and Berlin
  • Private Courses Available: Yes
  • Virtual/Remote Course Available: Yes
  • Languages: English or Spanish
  • Payment Formats: Credit Card, TransferWise, Paypal or by Invoice
  • Payment Currencies: GBP, EUR or USD
  • Contact: education@actineo.email
  • What’s included:
    • Course Workbook
    • Lunch on both days (in-person training only)
    • Access to the Actineo Newsletter
    • Access to the Actineo Slack channel
    • Membership of the Actineo Alumni Network including 20% discount on future courses

Key Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the basic principles of flow.
  • Describe the value of WiP limits.
  • Create a visual board to manage your work.
  • Capture and interpret key flow metrics and analytics to find improvement opportunities.
  • Explain why flow should be focused on value delivery
  • Define, build, operate and continuously improve a Kanban system.
  • Discuss how tooling impacts your implementation.


Participants on this class need to have read the Kanban Guide. No working knowledge of Kanban is required.


The Applied Professional Kanban course is for anyone who wants to improve their ability to deliver value and be more effective. Typical attendee roles include business analysts, team members, team leads, agile coaches, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, project managers and product managers.


All participants completing the Applying Professional Kanban course will receive a certificate of attendance and can attempt the Pro Kanban assessment.

Course Calendar

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  • March 2021

  • 08

    Applying Professional Kanban

    4 x 3hr sessions spread over 5 days
    Session information
    Session 1
    Mon 08 Mar 14:00 GMT - Mon 08 Mar 17:00 GMT
    Session 2
    Tue 09 Mar 14:00 GMT - Tue 09 Mar 17:00 GMT
    Session 3
    Thu 11 Mar 14:00 GMT - Thu 11 Mar 17:00 GMT
    Session 4
    Fri 12 Mar 14:00 GMT - Fri 12 Mar 17:00 GMT
    • Early Bird £1,095.00 excl. VAT
    • £1,195.00 excl. VAT

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