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Kanban Courses

Kanban Courses

Kanban Training from industry-leading, expert practitioners.

Our Actineo Team have been working with Kanban since 2012. We have one of the most comprehensive catalogue of certified Kanban training and we have a proven track record as Kanban practitioners. As our testimonials indicate, choosing Actineo is a good decision.

Professional Scrum Trainers with Scrum.org

From Scrum.org:

Which Kanban Training Course is right for me?

To help you select the right Kanban Training Course, we’ve got a few pointers which will help. Which one of the statements below best describes your situation?

I am new to Kanban and it’s happening all around me now. I need to understand what this WIP thing is all about. Which Kanban Course should I do?

The Team Kanban Professional (TKP) course would be a good starting point for you.

TKP has been designed as an introductory course for people wanting to find our the basic foundations of the Kanban Method. This course is ideally designed for people working in an environment where Kanban is practiced or is about to be introduced.

I am a Scrum Master who has been looking for a way to add to Scrum and help my team get more flow and predictability. Is there something that would help?

The Professional Scrum with Kanban (PSK) training is worth a look.

PSK is designed to help Scrum Teams continue improving and strengthening their work without compromising the use of Scrum. Combining the power of Kanban and its Flow Metrics with Scrum can help Scrum teams achieve improved levels of self-organisation, quality of work and predictability.

I am working as a delivery lead. I need to find a way to make sense of the chaos of my context and improve it. What Kanban Training would give me what I need?

The Kanban System Design (KMP1) training will help you out.

KMP1 introduces the concepts underpinning the Kanban Method and what you need to know to design and maintain a Kanban System.

Since I attended a Kanban System Design Course, I’ve been using the Kanban Method. I now want a deeper understanding of how to scale and spread Kanban in my organisation.

The Kanban Management Professional (KMP2) is the way to go.

KMP2 goes deeper into your Kanban knowledge. In this course we explore the psychological aspects of Change Management, how we can successfully run a successful day-today implementation of a Kanban System, how to interact with other Kanban Systems and how to scale the emergence of Flow Management and Service Delivery across the entire organisation.

The standard certified courses are too basic for me. I’m looking to go even deeper and would like some Advanced Agile Training Courses

Why Choose Actineo?

Companies struggle with what it is to be agile in their context. Kanban helps us deal with context specific change.

Our Actineo Team includes industry-leading trainers who are also Kanban experts. We have spent time mastering the art of practicing Kanban, so we have great experience from the trenches. We bring concepts like Flow and Business Efficiency to life, because we bring stories as well as theory to our Certified Kanban Training Courses. Don’t take our word for it…

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