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Re-contextualising 20+ years of learning

with Chris McDermott

In the past 20+ years the way in which we deliver software has changed beyond recognition, with the development of Lean Agile practices playing a considerable part in this transformation. Our focus on “uncovering better ways” has led us to develop a large number of new ways of working that have vastly increased quality, reduced cycle times and put valuable software into the hands of our customers, while along the way, challenging the way we run our organisations.

The question we are now looking to answer is “how can this learning be applied to a different context?”, one far removed from the world of software and one that is facing considerable challenges.

In this talk Chris will share his experience re-contextualising these ways of working to the context of public sector business operations, a space facing huge pressures and in great need of change. He’ll show how the use of Lean Agile practice can help transform the operational delivery of public services and provide a platform to help improve the lives of those who deliver them. Using Social Practice Theory as a framing, showing how it can help us better understand practice and what is appropriate to introduce into a different context and what is not, Chris will also share some of his experiences improving the delivery of public services.


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