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Agile Leadership in 5 (not so) easy steps

with Helen Lisowski

Understanding what your organisation needs of you as a team member has been well-covered, but as a manager, director or even CEO in an Agile organisation, well there’s not so much info out there – and especially not from people who have done it!

Agile – whether as a transformation or incremental adoption – is about the whole organisation adopting agile behaviours. Agile leadership is about ensuring those behaviours become baked in to the culture of the company. We will cover the five key steps needed, in turn, to release agility in your organisation.

But nothing worthwhile is ever easy!

This talk is a look at what it actually takes to successfully transform into a more Agile organisation. (Spoiler alert: it’s neither hiring more agile frame works specialists, nor mandating your teams’ working practices!) We will cover all five of the key steps you need to go through, in turn, to achieve a successful Agile journey and to release agility in your organisation.


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