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Wholeness is a lie

with Pawel Brodzinski

In the past decade, the idea of bringing one whole self to work made its way into common perception. On its face value, it’s all great. Why would we pretend that we are someone else or limit ourselves to just some aspects of our deep personalities?

The argument goes that if we show more of ourselves, we contribute more of our energy, passion, and creativity. What’s more, it seems aligned with how we perceive the role of diversity and autonomy in a modern workspace. So it’s a win-win, right?

It might have been if it had been the whole picture.

At Lunar Logic, we dived deep into the idea of wholeness. The outcome wasn’t what we were told we should expect. In fact, it was anything but.

Let’s explore what went wrong and why. But, most importantly, let’s look at why our failure was an inevitable outcome and why we should have seen it coming.

Because wholeness, after all, is a lie.


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