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The Art of Queuing

During the Summer of 2017, I went to the famed land of theme parks and queuing that is Orlando. Of course, you can pay a little extra to avoid the wait — which also impacts the size of the queues. You find times where even this doesn’t help though or you’ve used up your allowance for the …

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Ticket Size Does Not Matter

In practically every training class and consultancy work we do in Actineo there are two ideas that someone will bring up at some point: Ticket size matters Tickets need to be of the same size To me, those are two myths. I tend to argue that “ticket size does NOT matter“, although what I really …

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The Emergence of Business Agility and why it is not an option

Abstract By now, we all know that software is at the core of most businesses. The world of business continues to accelerate at a pace that appears to be increasing. The key competitive advantage appears to have moved from product innovation and development to business model innovation. Yet, most companies are still trying to run …

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Letter to my Future Self

Converting ideas into concrete action is always tough. We read books, attend conference, book on training courses, have great chats at meet-ups and the ideas start flowing. We get excited to try out new things… …and then reality kicks-in and we have no time to do them. All sort of pressures, diversions and interruptions get …

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