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[#000] What is the Business Agility TV?

How do we spread new fundamental concepts and knowledge? How do we generate conversations, reflection and improvement opportunities? How do we trigger people’s natural curiosity to find out more? How do we inspire people into trying new things?

One option is to share interesting and eye-opening videos capturing some of the most fundamental concepts behind Agility in Business. To help achieve this, there are great clips that are freely available in youtube, vimeo, TED, infoQ and other similar websites.

These videos on this curated list are (often) fun and entertaining, as well as containing really powerful learning opportunities.

There are a few “guidelines”, though:

  • The video must be freely available
  • The video should be 15 minutes max
  • The video must share great content and not be a sales pitch.

A bit of history

Back in 2013, when I first organised the London Lean Kanban Days (LLKD) conference, I experimented with creating a free udemy course compiling all the conference talks.

At the same time, I was collecting shorter videos that I regularly used during my training courses to share some great concepts and I was pondering how to share this source of wisdom.

The idea evolved over time. In particular, around 2016 when talking to Andy de Vale and Sean Blezard. Andy and Sean were also working on similar ideas.

Then, in 2017, Andy, Jean-Paul Bayley and I joined forces to work at Ding.com in Dublin. We ended up displaying a “50 videos in 50 days” series on the company’s video wall. The overarching theme was “Business Agility” and the setup looked like an office cinema. So, Andy coined the term “Business Agility Cinema”.

After our time at Ding, in late 2017, I worked with CommerceTools in Berlin and ran a similar idea. In this case, the company did not have a video wall. So, we ended up just using email. There were 3 videos emailed per week (Mon, Wed, Fri cadence) over a 9 week period for a total of 25 videos.

Want to try? Remember the purpose!

As ever, you can try to do something similar to what we have done on your own. Over time, this Business Agility TV publication will have a significant number of videos published.

However, the purpose of this package is not just to share the videos, but to create a regular conversation within your company, to trigger people’s natural curiosity, to inspire people into trying new things and to spread fundamental concepts and knowledge. Make sure that you support this process beyond just building the list.

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