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Introduction to Flight Levels Workshop


Agile is cool, agile is trendy! Scrum, Kanban, SAFe, MorE or LeSS… Teams are trained so that the company finally becomes agile in the market. However, most of the time NOTHING positive happens! How is that even possible? In this workshop we will explore the question: What does it take for an organisation to achieve real Business Agility?

Based on Klaus Leopold's bestseller Rethinking Agile and the concept of Flight Levels, this hands-on workshop will introduce you to some of the core Flight Levels elements and practices. Find out what you need to do so that your company does not sink money into agile frameworks and, instead, achieves real business agility in a very lean way.

During the workshop we will explore and practice core topics such as: 

  • Experiencing Team agility vs. Business agility
  • Exploring Flight Levels architectures
  • Mapping organisational dependencies
  • Visualising organisational Flow Efficiency
  • Creating Actionable OKRs
  • Designing organisational flow with Flight Routes

Presentation History

Slides & Videos

Download the slides: Introduction to Flight Levels Workshop

To learn more, see our Flight Levels System Architecture Courses.

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