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[#003] Building a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Photo by Jametlene Reskp on Unsplash

This video explores the concept of Psychological Safety. This is at the core of the Google research on great teams and working spaces. It is particularly true for environments with high interdependence and uncertainty as the vast majority of software companies are.

Building a psychologically safe workplace
Amy Edmondson


  1. This is your challenge. Share this page with people you think will find this video useful.
  2. Once they have watched the video, spend 5–10 minutes talking/chatting about the following:
  • What did you already know about this before?
  • What was the most surprising information in the video?
  • How relevant is this to your environment?
  • How good are we at creating Psychological Safety?
  • What aspects of your company could be most vulnerable to struggle with this?

3. What keywords / tags would you use to catalogue this video? Please share some ideas in the comments section.


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