Jose Casal

[#000] What is the Business Agility TV?

How do we spread new fundamental concepts and knowledge? How do we generate conversations, reflection and improvement opportunities? How do we trigger people’s natural curiosity to find out more? How do we inspire people into trying new things? One option is to share interesting and eye-opening videos capturing some of the most fundamental concepts behind …

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Letter to my Future Self

Converting ideas into concrete action is always tough. We read books, attend conference, book on training courses, have great chats at meet-ups and the ideas start flowing. We get excited to try out new things… …and then reality kicks-in and we have no time to do them. All sort of pressures, diversions and interruptions get …

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How motivated is your team? Going beyond the traditional performance management

Abstract This practical workshop will introduce a number of techniques that we can use to help us understand and improve the levels of engagement and motivation in our teams as well as explore what factors (positive and negative) are impacting us. These techniques can be used as modern & richer alternatives to traditional performance management …

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Are we really thinking?

Abstract In this session, we explore how our brain builds up beliefs, truisms, rules of thumb or heuristics that we apply unconsciously in everyday situations. This can lead to habituation and a loss of engagement. The session introduces the idea of introducing “jolts” to the system to avoid routine and habituation from happening. Presentation History …

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