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The Flight Levels Academy takes off!

The Flight Levels Academy was officially launched on 09 Nov 2019. Following the success of the Flight Levels case study described in Klaus Leopold‘s “Rethinking Agile” book and after strong demand from customers and practitioners, we are delighted to announce the launch of its:

  • Practitioner Community to connect and share personal experiences and knowledge.
  • Foundational Education Program for leaders and operators on their journey.
  • Hand-picked World Class Guides for when you want an expert’s practical guidance.

Flight Levels is a method-agnostic thinking model that connects all parts of your organisation. Most companies use a combination of approaches from Lean, Agile, Scrum, SAFe, Kanban, Prince, Design Thinking, etc. Flight Levels helps you design the interactions between teams, across functions and layers of the hierarchy.

Klaus Leopold, Keynote Speaker and CEO of Flight Levels Academy says: “Organisational agility is not achieved by making teams agile in isolation. We must have agile interactions between the parts of the organisation. It’s not a team sport, it’s a full company sport.”

Jean-Paul Bayley, Business Agility consultant & partner at Actineo says: “With our experience helping companies achieve better Business Agility, Actineo is delighted to form part of the founding group of practitioners and guides from across the globe”

The Flight Levels Academy is focused on providing a place for those in pursuit of Customer Centered Agility. Our Guides collectively have over ten decades of relevant industry, teaching and coaching experience, having helped guide hundreds of companies on achieving agility that matters to shareholders and customers. 

Jose Casal, Business Agility consultant & founding partner at Actineo says: “From the moment we introduce the concept of Flight Levels with clients, we can see how this metaphor resonates with them. It helps them visualise and communicate their work, the challenges they face and it leads to effective systemic improvements. The Flight Levels model enables Business Agility.”

Flight Level Guides help you:

  • Understand where targeted improvement will offer the most benefit.
  • Avoid long costly training programs that deliver little customer outcomes.
  • Connect the (agile) islands of your organisation together.

The founding group of Flight Levels Guides include the following globally-recognised practitioners:

The Founding Guides of the Flight Levels Academy.

How do I learn more about Flight Levels?

We are running Flight Levels Systems Architecture (FLSA) courses, or you can contact us at education@actineo.email or visit www.flightlevelsacademy.com

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